Capturing Your Life: How To Preserve Memories

You may never understand in your twenties how fast life goes by. The twenties are reserved for that unbridled freedom that comes with leaving your parents, for all the intoxicating experiences like falling in love, finding work you are passionate for, travelling the world and creating a life. It’s only in your late thirties that you realize that so much of your life has gone by, but the only record you have are countless photos saved on a computer which you will never actually look at. How else should you preserve those precious memories that fly past so fleetingly? Read on and find out.

Invest in the Photography

Our parents’ generation didn’t own cameras, so every photo was special to them. Today, every mobile phone has a camera, so taking photos have become mundane to us. Our parents had the right idea; every photo should be a conscious act of memory. So cough up and get some professional family photography in Perth done.

Keep a record of the momentous things that happened in a year, or just look at your own photos and recreate those events for the cameraman. Hire a service for professional family photography at special events like birthday parties, anniversaries and weddings. Or capture the everyday in a simple, family- themes shoot in matching sweaters and pants.

Baby Record Book

All new parents will tell you that when there’s a newborn in the house, there is no time for anything else. This is true, but if you can expend the extra effort to create a baby book for each of your children, they will someday appreciate the effort it took and you will have created a gateway into a hectic, yet simpler time in your life. There are pre- made baby books available in stores where all you have to do is fill in details and paste pictures. Or you can create your own book after downloading a template online. Either way, baby’s first handprint, first words, clipping of hair, hospital tag etc. will be fond memories to look back on in your autumnal years. For further information you can visit this website for maternity photography

Create a Time Capsule

This idea is a little out there, but people do it all the time. The fun of having a time capsule is that it should be forgotten, and then re-discovered years or decades later, when the things you buried or locked away will have added significance. If you want to bury it, find a metal container and line it with polythene to prevent moisture damage before you each place one or two items that are significant to you. Program you email to send you a reminder 10 or 15 years hence and be delighted and amazed as you relive you past with the time capsule.