Cherish Your Pregnancy Memories Through Creative Photography

Pregnancy is indeed a great moment in anyone’s life. Though it may seem long to be waiting to see and hold that bundle of joy in your arms, it would all be gone so fast. This is why many people opt to cherish these sentimental moments of joy through photographs which can be treasured for years to come. There are various types of photography sessions, from pre-shoots to wedding shoots, to newborn photography and the latest pregnancy shoots and as well as birthing shoots. People do not hesitate to miss any part of these incredibly important milestones in their life and wish to keep them in cherish able memories for years to come by involving in photography sessions. It is natural to think that your photographer will be more than aware of capturing these glorious moments, however it is also best that you have a basic guidance on what kind of pictures you need to be taken. This way both yourself and the professional photographer will be on the same page which will be more easier to communicate and work together successfully. Here are some handy hints that you can accompany for your shoot.

Front view posing for the mom to be

The goal of a maternity photographer is to capture the beauty of the life that’s growing within. Whilst the highlight will be the growing belly, it is easy to forget to capture the radiance and glow of the mom to be.

Therefore maternity photographer needs to focus on the front view posers of the mom that are facing directly towards the camera.

Poses with lying down position

Indeed the lying down position is regarded as one of the most flattering poses in pregnancy photo shoots. This position also gives great and creative angels that will provide classical and elegant picture portfolios.

The hide and peek pose

Apart from the full belly profile, it is always nice to invoke a certain amount of mystery and elegancy by letting the mom to be hide behind a door or wall or even a tree with only her belly and partial of the face sticking out. This created a sense of curiosity in the pictures while it is also a fun pose to shoot.

The capture from above

Find out if your photographer can take a picture from above the head level of mom to be, which can be captured of an elegant view of the belly. What’s greater is that it eliminates any double chin in an instant and will be focused on the pregnancy glow in the face.