Memorialise Your Wedding

Your wedding day is bound to be one of the happiest days of your life! You are making a commitment to live the rest of your life in partnership with the love of your life! No doubt, you will want to not only celebrate this day with all your loved ones but you will also want a way to remember the little moments about the day and to have something more that your memory to rely on. Here are some great ideas for memorializing your wedding…

Create a wedding journal

Start the process early. As you start planning your wedding buy yourself a pretty journal in which to record the journey up to your wedding. You can track everything from appointments to images of dresses you love to just little things that inspire your vision for your wedding and even for the kind of marriage you envision. Write down the little details – things like ‘’we tried six kinds of cake and felt so sick after! Going with the double choc chip one though’’ – notes like this will bring back great memories and help you get a sense of the people you were at the time when reading through years later!

A wedding album

There really is no better way to remember something that if you were to take a picture – that moment in time will forever be frozen within that image and will help you recall all the good times! You may want to look at affordable wedding photography options for your wedding. We suggest having a look early.

Most photographers are super busy come weddings season and booking them during an off season and offering to pay an early deposit at the time of booking could help you get a great deal. Also if you are looking for experienced wedding photographers options – look at local photographers. You can ask to see their portfolio before making your decision but they may be more reasonable. You could also ask that guests take plenty of pictures and that they send them to you or use a particular hashtag to label them with so that you can find them…You may also want to ask if our photographer will video the wedding and create an album for you as part of the package!

Fun ideas

There are a million other ways to get remember your wedding. Have guests write you little notes on love, marriage and even any advice that they might have for the two of you. You could have them sign on a board or poster so that you can frame it and keep forever.